Cops versus demo’s: A game of two halves

Last Wednesday saw big sparks protest in London and Edinburgh. London’s early ‘kick off’ organised by rank and file electricians began at the Pinnacle at 7am The police out in force tried to try stop us from taking the fight to the rogue 7 but they were run ragged.  

Later when the official Unite demonstration had ended the Rank and file chose not to lobby an MP or two at parliament but instead aimed to link up with the students demo, in solidarity. But the police now doubled in numbers managed to kettled us [which they now call ‘bubbled’] for over an hour stopping us getting to the students.     

Then as the sun went down came the late winner for the day... of the demo’s. Cabbies snarled up the traffic by driving round Trafalgar Sq without picking anybody up Result!

Seems like the ‘cancerous group’ [the Rank and File as described in an email by National Officer Bernard McAulay] has a new friend? Len Mcluskey said at the Shard protest in London on Wednesday 9th that he “welcomes the Rank and File” great news Lenny [took your time mate!] hope you are true to your word.

‘D’ day’s fast approaching: As well as a YES VOTE                                                                                                 We need more ‘Protest picket lines’ ‘Walk outs’ and ‘Stoppages’
BBES unite sparks will be receiving ballot papers from tomorrow, but it’s up to all of us to change up another gear. Rank and file are calling meetings in ‘new places’ to increase the range and scope of the attacks against the rogue 7. Please see below.
Leeds and Yorkshire: Rank and File sparks meeting Monday 14th Nov 7.30pm Cosmopolitan Hotel, 2 Lower Briggate, Leeds.
Birmingham and West Midlands: Rank and File Sparks meeting Tuesday 15th Nov 7pm Carrs Lane Church centre Moor Street, Birmingham, B47 SX opposite Moor street station: 5 minutes from New street station.
Bristol and south West: Rank and File meeting Thursday 17th Nov 7pm til 8.30      CWU union offices 20 Church Road, Lawrence Hill, Bristol, BS5 9JA
Get to a meeting nearest to you, decide a on target site and a date, and set up a protest picket. We need more meetings everywhere. So get in touch and we will help you set up a Rank and File meeting in your City, Town or area. Email
Some protests this week:
Teeside: Corus: Monday 13th Nov 6.30am.
Manchester: Carrington paper mill: Wednesday 16th Nov 6.30am
London: Farringdon Station Snow Hill entrance BBES site. Wednesday 16th Nov 630am.
Liverpool: LIMU site: Wednesday 16th Nov 6.30am Clarence Street.
Further news:
Last week Crown House said they are not recognising the 2 newly elected stewards, well the rank and file does so do Unite, so get used to it! Incidentally the Human resources manager of Crown House is an ex union official, the worm that turned a traitor to the working class. Unite officers are meeting crown house Wednesday 16th.
Ballot timetable reminder:
Unite ballot of 1,690 workers at Balfour Beatty BBES Monday November 14th.
Counting of ballot papers Monday November 28th.
A yes vote means strike action [and walkouts] begins Wednesday December 7th
Make sure you get a ballot paper and make sure you send it back. With a ‘YES’ for strike action.
Regular updates: Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/
History will be determined by what we do today.
“Great news as we build for our own fight, Mick Dooley sparks supporter and campaigner has won his Unfair Dismissal claim against UCATT though disgracefully he remains debarred from running for the General secretary election which he is challenging.”

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