Labour has lost a safe seat and its soul

Time for the Trade unions to think about its funding.
George Galloway

Respect party’s George Galloway’s has scored a truly remarkable bye election victory in ‘Labours safe seat’ of Bradford West. Winning by an amazing 10.000 votes should send a message to the Con- Dem coalition, but also to Labour and the Trade Unions that fund them to them unconditionally, to the hilt.

Galloway’s mantra was ‘Bring the troops home from Afghanistan’: ‘No to the privatisation of the NHS’: ‘End the attacks on pensions, jobs and services’: ‘Tax the rich: Make the Banking bosses pay for the crisis which was of their own making’.

Jerry Hicks said “Labour [New or not] you've not just lost a 'safe seat' but more importantly you've lost your soul. You should look up the word 'opposition”.

I say [Jerry Hicks] “The time has come for Unite the union to stop immediately throwing £10 millions of pounds of members money at Labour for nothing in return”.

“We must only fund Labour MP's and councils who support our policies, only those that back us when we are fighting to defend our jobs services. And most importantly, only those who will repeal all of anti union laws”.

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