Construction Rank and File update 'Threats of walkouts forces Balfours to reinstate sacked worker'

Stewart Hume reinstated.

A great victory and a massive well done to all our Scottish brothers!

There is power in the Union. We know it and so do the employers.

We have just had a great week for the ‘Rank and File’. 1] The threat of walkouts at Grangemouth and protests on all Balfour Beatty Engineering Services [BBES] sites was just too much for the blacklisting wretches! BBES were forced to reinstate the ‘sacked’ Rank and Filer, Stewart Hume.  

There is power in the union & the ‘Rank and File’ and when we are on the march we are unstoppable. Put that in your pipe[work] and smoke it Mr Harvey.  

2] Last week the National ‘Rank and File’ committee met with Unites Ass Gen Sec Gail Cartmail and National officer Bernard [moving forward] Macauly. 

It was a good meeting, though there were no massive gains, but we weren’t expecting any really, Unite like to tread carefully “mustn’t break them anti Trade Union laws now must we”! 

A] Crown house was discussed, with still no sign of the ‘sign or be sacked’ letter.  We have got them [CH] on the run so let’s keep at the b******s!. 

B] Blacklisting was discussed, and our demands to get our blacklisted brothers in work. Unite seem to be warming to the idea so watch this space. 

The Scottish Select Committee met last Tuesday and we hear that Gail Cartmail gave em what for thanks for that better late than never. 

C] The ‘crap’ pay deal was mentioned..........It’s a joke/piss take.......... No pay increase until June 2013 a 1.5% increase in first year, well below inflation. 

Unite are sending out letters with the full details and strongly recommending that their members DO NOT accept the offer. This is a consultative ballot for possible industrial action up to and including STRIKE ACTION. 
Unite ‘Rank and File’ construction workers say NO!... NO!!!..... NO!!!!!! 

Make sure you put your cross in the right box REJECT THE OFFER and get ready for strike action. A resounding rejection is essential.  

We should also be receiving paperwork on ‘Blacklisting’, please fill that in too.  

D] Play by the rules was also on the meeting agenda, we know that the employers are breaking the rules all day every day. Please contact your local office, Unite say they will follow up any complaints, so keep the info coming in. 

Finally, a new copy of ‘Siteworker is done, anyone needing copies please let us know by emailing and we will post them out to you.  

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Just another week in the life of the rank and File eh! Solidarity forever.

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