Unite election for General Secretary 'Faster than a speeding bullet'.

 Faster than a speeding bullet! Is it a bird? It's a plane?

No it’s the timetable of the ‘Snap election’
 for Unite General Secretary.

The timetable for the ‘snap’ election is as follows......................

Nomination period for Branches & Workplaces - 1st January 2013 to 15th February 2013

Closing date for nominations - 22nd February 2013 

Ballot period - 18th March 2013 till 12th April 2013

Declaration - 15th April 2013  

Calling an early election is one thing and can be described [excused] in various ways, as indeed it is.

Calling the election 3 years early and in the shortest period possible, which then gives absolute advantage to only one candidate, is another thing and surely can only be described as plain wrong.

Commenting on this, Unite member Jerry hicks said “The super human efforts to hold an election for the General Secretary of the country’s biggest union in the fastest possible time is definitely not the act of superman”.

Unite will come under more pressure to explain how it’s relationship with the Labour party works, if the latest reports are true. It seems that the Labour Party intends to abstain in next Tuesday’s [11th Dec] Public pensions Bill vote, reports the London Evening Standard.

This Bill will put into law the Con-Dem attack on public sector pensions,

A very Senior Unite official is being quoted as saying that it’s a “strategic abstention”?

Jerry Hicks said “I guess this all goes hand in hand/glove with Unites’ political ‘strategy’ of reclaiming Labour, or the ‘one way relationship’ as would be a better description.”

Unite in the last 2 years alone has handed over £6 million of it’s members money to Labour, as well as the £10m’s over the years.

According to Jerry Hicks it’s about time that stopped. He argues that a novel method of ‘payment by results’ would offer much better value for money for Unite members. He added that in his view Unite should only fund those MP’s that support Unites policies.

If Labour expects support from public sector workers at the next general election, it should be leading the parliamentary opposition and voting against the Bill.


Notes to editor:

Jerry Hicks was runner up to Len McCluskey in the last election for Unite General Secretary in 2010 securing 52,527 votes.

Jerry Hicks can be contacted by mobile 07817827912 / email 

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