Henderson promises 'Fresh Fear Free' GMB election

Keith Henderson
Keith Henderson,  candidate in the forthcoming GMB general secretary election has promised to democratise the union by calling a further fear free election should he win:

"I believe in democratising the GMB and defeating the reign of terror that has operated in this union for far to long. All officers should be elected and made accountable to the membership.

It is my commitment, if elected as General Secretary, to end the reign of terror in this union that has lasted for far too long. Once achieved to a level that ensures anyone can stand in such an election, if they get the necessary support I will stand down as general secretary to facilitate a free and fair election and I will aim to call a fresh general secretary election within 6 months of me being elected.

If I received enough nominations to stand and enough votes to win the election I believe it would be my job as elected General Secretary to end the reign of terror that prevents officers of the union and lay members from standing for this or any other elected position in the GMB through fear. Fear of losing your job if you are an officer and stood in such an election. Fear that you would be humiliated and deemed not competent by those in the current structures who have a vested self interest in ensuring that the status quo was maintained, if you are a lay member.

The fresh general secretary election that I will call within 6 months of me being elected as general secretary is to facilitate a free and fair election and to allow any officer and lay members to stand in this election without fear."

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