Vote Lesley Mansell...

The candidate with the experience and a track record of securing rights for LGBT and all members. 
I have represented members for over 30 years. I founded ‘Lesbians and Gays’ in MSF (1989) and was awarded the prestigious TUC Gold badge for my LGBT
Homophobia and transphobia have not gone away and the economic climate means we can be the first to go during any cutbacks.
I have an outstanding record of giving expert advice and support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans members to improve their working lives. I’ve led campaigns for:

  • Equal rights at work
  • Repealing Section 28
  • Inclusion of bisexual and trans people (TUC)
  • Civil partnerships
  • Dignity and respect for HIV+ members.

I started my union activity in engineering as a convenor. I have held various
elected union positions including:
• TUC LGBT Committee
• National LGBT Committee
• Equality Representative
• Regional Council Deputy President
• Standing Orders Committee
I work as an NHS Equality manager and had similar roles in councils, education
and voluntary organisations. I am a Labour party member and Chair the local
Town Council.
I believe that Unite must stop throwing millions of pounds of our money at the
Labour Party, with no guarantees or returns. Unite should only fund those MPs
and councillors who support our policies.I am standing as the Grass Roots Left candidate and will fight for:

• Equality structure to become a model for genuine involvement of LGBT
members and all equality groups.
• Officers elected by the members, not appointed.
• Confronting anti-union and other
unjust laws in the UK and EU.
• A fighting union not just campaigning
for jobs and conditions, pay and
pensions both public and private.
• Public ownership and keeping public
• Rebuilding manufacturing.
• Employees/officers to be reinstated
whenever a Tribunal finds Unite guilty
of unfair dismissal.
• A Union fully accountable to members.
It’s our Union
Unite’s relationship with members has to change from an appointment
system of officials where the General Secretary or a panel tells us who we will
have to one of elected officials, where we decide who represents us and we
tell the union.
After all ‘it’s our union’.
Vote Lesley Mansell the candidate with the experience and a track record of
securing rights for LGBT and all members.
Balloting begins 30th January to 22nd February.
Get your ballot paper returned with a YES vote for Lesley Mansell

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