A big week for the Rank and File sparks

This is big week for the ‘Rank and File’.
Combine meeting 5th April 11.30am Unite HQ Holborn.
 At the combine meeting on Thursday 5th April our Rank and File elected reps will be pushing our 20 points, so all being will it’s these that will be used as a basis for talks in coming weeks 
The weekly protests continue in London and other areas around the country.
In London it’s at the shard target ‘The great agency rip off’ which must be stopped. Next protest is the 4th April, The Shard at 7am.
We hear protests might be starting in North East this week, please spread this across the country. Wherever there is an agency root them out and demand direct employment.
Union organised sites are the only way to go, with elected stewards and conveners on all sites.
The Shrewsbury pickets were at CCRC [court] today aiming to get a pardon and full investigation into the trial in 72. As Shrewsbury picket and only member of the ‘Royal family’ we support ‘Ricky Tomlinson’ would say “Justice my arse”.
The Rank and File pass on our support and solidarity to them.
Get in touch with us by email siteworkers@virginmedia.com
For more info please visit….. Electricians Against The World
 That’s all for now……………………………. keep on keeping on

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