Job Losses at Bristol Evening Post Newspaper

We have just heard [14th April] that the Evening Post will be losing 19 of its 56 editorial workforce.

All 8 photographers are being sacked and will only be engaged in future on a freelance basis.

The Evening Post will no longer be printed on Saturday and the listings magazine Venue will only be available on the internet.

The publications are owned by Lord Rothermere’s Northcliffe Media group which made a 7% profit of £17 million last financial year after sacking 530 of the workforce.

The Post itself still makes money, but not enough to satisfy the greedy owners who have no qualms about putting workers on the scrapheap.

I love a party with an atmosphere!
Come and demonstrate at the function being held to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Evening Post.

Meet Tuesday 17th April 6.30pm at the Bristol Galleries Shopping Centre, Broadmead.
This is not just about saving jobs but ensuring that we keep a local paper which can deal with the issues that are of concern to Bristol people.

For more details contact Jerry Hicks email

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