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6th May: Lain Duncan Smith "Remploy disabled sit around all day drinking coffee" Hang on thats
his job 'Tories love to hate em'!

6th May: They say cut back we say strike map! May 10th strike locations: Visit a picket line near you. Solidarity and respect.

6th May: Ian Duncan Smith says PCS has no right striking on low turnout. Boris has 25% of eligible vote & says its a mandate for driverless trains!

2nd May: Record rain & #flooding = #Standpipes & big bills. Nationalise Water not4profit & Fix leaks/build reservoirs = cheaper bills + Jobs. Easy!

2nd May: MPs offered taxpayer-funded iPads More belt tightening eh! I thought it was free Eye pads so the can turn a blind eye!

1st May: #grassrootsleft: Independent of the machine(s): The Grassroots Left is very 'appealing'

1st May: May Days not about maypoles: History of international workers day @guardian 'Solidarity forever' more than just words!

1st May: 4 Tory MPs vote not to criticise Rupert Murdoch @patrickwintour A fitting act of Class Solidarity on International Workers Day comrades!

30th April: There's lots of tools in Co boardrooms! Try this: Exec pay 'revolt' web tool launched I say TU Gen Secs get 2 much 2

30th April: I blame Bosses 4 job cuts HSBC 3000 Clydesdale & Yorkshire 1400 & Unite reacts Disgusted But no word of a real fight

29th April: Who to blame for the Great Recession? So many big names are in the frame via @guardian And no one I know is on the list

29th April: I feel your pain from 5000 miles away! Tory Councillor lives in California still pockets his £10K Tough choices? RESIGN

29th April: Studio app with all MOD cons! Olympics Missiles Plan On Block Of Flats - But where would anything shot down land? Doh!

29th April: Austerity what austerity! UKs Top 1,000 wealthiest own £414bn up 4.7% setting a new record BBC News -I say Tax the rich

29th April: Cameron commits Cardinal sin! BBC News - PM accused of immoral tax stance Camel & needle 'Call me Dave' your in trouble

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