Rank and File 'Mass picket at Ratcliffe power station'

News from the national Rank and File meeting

Mass picket called at Ratcliffe this Tuesday

Things are warming up again on the Rank and File front. The combine meeting on May 23rd went well full report soon.

At the Liverpool Rank and File meeting it was decided to have a mass picket at Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station for our steward who is still suspended this Tuesday at 6am. Please try and get along its important we show solidarity and demand his reinstatement.


The protest at the Shard London Bridge is on this Wednesday again 30th May 645am. We also heard there was a walkout at Sellafield this week too thats the way to go, if they mess with us down tools!

Protests are being planned at Heathrow Terminal 2 Crown House site. There's a ring of steel at Heathrow making a protest close to the site difficult, we may have a Rank and File meeting there soon they badly need an elected steward or two so come on lads stick your neck out it's do or die.

The new Siteworker is out, contact us with an address at we will gladly send you some. Also there's a new pamphlet on the history of the Rank and File in construction from 1972 up to now. It costs £2 and £1 goes to the Rank and File fighting fund again let us know if you want a few copies.
Finally GMB are planning to take a high court action over blacklisting so anyone in GMB who may be blacklisted contact them asap. There were loads of GMB lads at Wembley Stadium, and other sites since then. Blacklisting was massive and is still going on you can be certain so let's fight it. Call GMB on 0208 202 8272 and ask for Justin Bowden.

Until next week keep on keeping on!

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