Sparks beware of BESNA Mk2 A need for a national 'Rank & File meeting'


BESNA mk 2? 'A jewel in their Cown' [House] Or 'A duel in the Crown' [House] 

A need for another National Rank & File meeting

"We beat em once and we can again."
We said all along BESNA crew wouldn’t take the defeat lying down, well Crown House are meant to be pulling out of the JIB. Obviously that will affect those working for them greatly as they are bound to drop the hourly rate. We have asked Unite to confirm or otherwise and are awaiting their response.

What with this, the Combine, and so much more to discuss, the Rank and File are calling a ‘National meeting’. See below for the details...
'National Rank and File meeting'

26th May 12pm – 4pm 'Liverpool'
            CASA Club, 29 Hope Street L1 9BQ

      [nearest station Liverpool Lime Street].

The CASA club is steeped in trade union history, as it’s owned by some Liverpool dockers, so we will be in great company. Please do your best to get there.

If anyone needs help with train fares let us know

Our suspended Ratcliff Steward

Still awaiting a date for a hearing. If it don't go the right way we know what we got to do!

Blacklisting latest

Last week there was a meeting re: ‘Blacklisting’ held with unite. Two Blacklisted Support Group [BSG] members met with Unite officers and the union lawyers. We believe the solicitors Guney Clarke Ryan have now got the insurance cover against individual cost should we lose the case in place.

We will try and get BSG to do a report back from the meeting. Cheers for all your hard work BSG.

Special financial appeal

Steve Acheson has not worked for 4 years due to Blacklisting what a scandal! Why is this being allowed to continue unchallenged by Unite? Please raise this at your branches and write to AGS Gail Cartamail, demanding Steve is given a job as electrician in the industry. Also help Steve financially by making a donation from your branch funds. If you can spare a few quid contact Steve on 07949335390

Protest update

There was a good turnout at the Shard last week on May Day, but from this week we get back to the regular Wednesday slot meaning Wednesday 9th May at 6.45am at ‘The Shard’.

We should have ‘The Great Agency Rip Off’ leaflets printed this week, from Unite. These can be sent out, no bother, so please let us know how many and where to send them email us on

Upcoming Events

Unite London Construction Branch meeting Wednesday 16th May Holborn, Conway Hall, Bertrand Russell room 6.30pm

Finally, If you have any protests planned or want to advertise Branch meetings etc let us know it’s the site for all of us and a great source if information.

For more info please visit:

Electricians Against The World http ://www . jibelectrician . blogspot . com/
Get in touch with us by Email siteworkers@virginmedia.com

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