Independent of the machine Grassroots Left is very 'appealing'.

Calling for your support


1) £5000 fund drive - For Grassroots Left

The Grassroots Left needs your support - we need money to carry on with our good work!

Account No: 37847868
Sort Code: 77-85-26

Standing order form here

Why me/us?

Jerry Hicks' inspiring election campaign was run on a shoestring budget that confounded the many tens of thousands (or even £100,000s) spent by the other candidates.

There are tens of thousands of Unite members who want to see a democratic union working in their interests, and the
Grassroots Left is the volunteer-run group that is standing up for them.

We have a small but dedicated group of volunteers working hard to keep those grassroots members connected. This is an appeal for help to keep the
Grasroots Left doing what it does best.

Money is tight but we have a lot more work to do! And we need money for everything from leaflets to coach tickets to room rentals to you name it...


We want to set up rank and file committees in different sectors, that can run their own disputes if they need to, like we helped to do with the sparks, helping win the first major victory for the working class in this country since the start of the recession.

We want to continue to help get grassroots candidates elected into leading positions in Unite on the basis of our democratically agreed policies. We came a close second again winning 16,000 votes for
Lesley Mansell in the NEC elections for the LGBT seat.

We want to work on our media and become the first point of call for info on what's happening in Unite. We've made modest progress, by linking up our blogs into a single site, setting up a mailing list and a text messaging list.

Our conference even committed us to encouraging supporters in other unions with similar problems to set up their own initiatives! There's a world of work to be done.

And the
Grassroots Left is the only group in Unite calling for election of all officials and a union controlled by the members.


Please don't spare us your generosity! Help make a dent in our £5000 target or better still set up a regular standing order and formally join the
Grassroots Left.

Account No: 37847868
Sort Code: 77-85-26



Or if you can offer any extra help at all, for example with technical support, or providing us with workplace reports or anything else for the blog, don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@grassrootsleft.org or calling our elected Chair
Jerry Hicks on 07817827912
2) One Grassroots Left & one blog!

Technical problems have meant we've run a couple of Grassroots Left blogs upto now, in addition to Jerry Hicks' campaign blog. But we've decided now to link them up to a central site at www.grassrootsleft.org. Please feel free to send us anything you'd like to see up there, from your own workplace reports, to news articles, whatever you think. Send to info@grassrootsleft.org


Reclaiming the union(s) for the members
& Independent of the machine(s)

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